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  3. Welcome to Arthion! :--)
  4. Welcome to the community!
  5. hello everyone im SirFarp Feel free to just call me Farp im looking forward to trying this game out.
  6. Welcome to this weeks patch you can view full development log below! Changes Added 2 new NPCs (Tortious, Fire Demon) Updated world (Added lava area for lava type npcs) Added PositionManager (Teleporting via spellbook / GameObject) Changed ground textures Changed world lighting Started hunting skill (Be given a task to find said creature and capture it, once captured return it to collector for reward/exp more info will be posted soon) Media
  7. Don't think this will be a good idea, a class like a warrior isn't predominantly all male's. It's all about that Gender equality!
  8. There won't be classes the game will be a you are what you wear so if you have mage gear on you can then have better magic bonus same for range, melee etc, The plan is to allow players to change there characters look / gender you will have the choice when you first create your account but after that if you would like to change there will be a NPC in the home town that players can talk too to change looks.
  9. So bringing up a question for the future. There are countless rpg players that ask this question "Are classes gender locked". I personally don't care for gender locked classes, though a little conformation from the Devs would help clarify if classes will be locked based on a gender, so others who'll seek this question anytime in the future will know. Examples Mage - Locked to Female Warrior - Locked to Male If this is not the case, are classes gender locked in a way but have female / male equivalent? Of course there will be some differentials with the equivalent
  10. I also personally would like to see a hunter skill but not the generic runescape hunter skill more like a slayer type of hunter where you're assigned to find/ capture said creature for a reward/exp.
  11. Yeah me and Dragon brought up the idea of having gods before an idea was the graphic art that you see on the homepage could possibly be one of the gods/ end game bosses. Although these are just ideas and could change.
  12. Maxed players I also agree this should be something that isn't over looked and i will for sure look into ways to make it meaningful. Thieving Really like the idea and i agree that skill was really underhanded and not the funnest thing to do adding more to it and more possible reward getting a really lucky pickpocket or being caught and jailed by guards something like that could make it more entertaining to do. Construction I am currently debating if i want to have a construction skill as i had the idea of allowing players to own buildings and shops in the live game world that every player could see, visit and use also allowing owners of these buildings to upgrade the interiors but to become an owner you would either need to buy it or rent it from the buyer currently though i am still thinking of how to work this little idea as i would only allow each player to max own 1 building and the owner of the building would be "taxed" in world money. Gods I already have a basic lore started i do intend to have gods actually you can already see one of the evil gods in the website logo he will be one of the main gods, i will go more in depth about the game lore and abilities and benefits of gods soon, basically though the idea is when you first get in game and do the tutorial quest, you will have to pick one of the gods. The god i was talking above \/
  13. Hey guy's Just thought I'd take the time to give some suggestions, I understand we are still at early stages but hopefully the developers can at least get some help from these, or even make them better. Skilling Skilling has always been a huge factor for many successful RSPS' provide user's with a goal, and your sure to have them grind for day's to be the first to reach it, If we were aiming to be unique... to set us apart from the generic RSPS, we need to offer the skilling players something other than clicking on stalls in edgeville to get mastery thieving, or skill capes that end up collecting dust in your bank because they are worthless, achieving mastery of a skill should be a big accomplishment, something that other players will look at in awe, below I shall list any changes I believe could be beneficial when it comes to skills. Thieving - If we aim to be different, we need to amend thieving, typically one of the first 99's every RSPS player get's as stall's can be found at home and all it takes is an auto-clicker to master it, I believe removing stall's and replacing this with something... different.. and potentially harder will be good for the reputation of this skill. Examples, pickpocketing villagers in a busy market square, along with stealing from market stalls, giving the people in that market, the ability to catch you and not attack you... but to call guards.. who will have the ability to jail you for a small amount of time, this way, your not just stood there spam clicking, you'll have no choice but to run if your seen. As we want it to be similar to RS, maybe add small chances of obtaining gear to which will lower the chances of being seen, and a more rare chance of a pet. Farming - We could go crazy with farming, and potentially link it in with construction, giving us the ability to build a garden / allotment / farm at our POH, (I will also be suggesting a lot more for construction) and potentially expanding what exactly we can grow, with a high level of farming, this could give the player an ability to grow things simply for decoration. Again, farming should offer a small chance of obtaining equipment to prevent disease / quicken crop growth, and the notorious pet. Construction - This skill is very under used in many RSPS' to be able to construct your own home, and to have other user's visit, will be a great addition, but why stop there, along with many features from rs, we could potentially expand.. buy not just being able to build a simple house... but a castle? Ofcourse, nothing too big, but starting off with a simple shack.. to a farm house... to a elegant home... to a royal castle, each home has it's own perks, for example, the castle will feature a throne room, trophy room, potential for a huge garden, and of course, butler service, while a simple shack will only have the basic rooms of a home, kitchen, bedroom, living room etc. Just like the other skills, add the chance for gear to build faster, and the pet. Complete Mastery Capes - We have seen these before, but nonetheless a good addition, for completely maxing a skill (maxed xp) offer the player a cape, along with a title. Skilling tbc. In-game / Forum Titles Everyone loves to show off their achievements, I don't think it should be secluded to just in-game, When a player has mastered every skill, they should also be able to show off that title within the forums, if a player is a great pker, with many confirmed kills, they should also be able to show that off in the forums with a unique title. Religion / Worship This could be a great addition for the game, Giving us the ability to worship a certain god, in return granting us small perks, whether we stick to RS gods, or create entirely new ones would be down to everyone else but i shall give examples for RS gods, but as players will simply just swap god's to match what they are doing, it could be good to make them tasks, so you are unable to get the blessings from the god until you complete their task. Bandos 'The God of War' - As the god of war, It would fit to see him provide us with combat perks.. giving us potentially extra damage against all other NPC's (can be obtained by defeating Graardor a certain amount of times) Zaros 'The God of Fate & Control' - Potentially, Zaros could provide the blessing of luck, giving all users with the blessing a higher chance of receiving rare item's. (can be obtained by receiving a certain amount of rares) Guthix 'The God of Balance' - Easy one here, definitely a skiller's god, providing skiller's with a chance of receiving double resources and/or bonus xp. (can be obtained by achieving a mastery in a non-combat skill) If this is something people would like, we could always think of more. Battleground (Minigame) Thought I would add a potential minigame for those more interesting in PVP, this idea is coming from games such as Smite, or LOL, where you choose roles, and are then only allowed to use the abilities of that role, so for example, we could have 4-5 roles, a mage, ranger, champion (tank), beserker (assassin) and hero (warrior), you then are allowed to either pick gear which will be spawned for you, or for high risk, bring your own, we could add objectives here, or just simple battles. Again these are just simple suggestions and I would love to hear feedback, especially if you know ways of making these better. Best I can do for now, I will either update this post or create new ones, depending on how long it takes for me to come up with more suggestions.
  14. Welcome to the forums! :--)
  15. I've joined the discord... Thanks for the warm welcome
  16. Hey glad you posted welcome to the forums!
  17. Welcome, if you haven't yet, join the discord chat, best place for updates and sneak-peaks!
  18. Hey Anthion Forums! I'm Michael, your average gamer and front-end web-developer "in-training". I've been registered to the forums for a couple of months. Just now introducing myself I've seen most the videos regarding Arthion, It's a game I could see myself playing long term
  19. Here is a public preview video people in discord already generally seen this video i will be posting a new video hopefully within the next week or two once i get combat animations completed, and fix a few player navigation errors.
  20. Welcome! the community will hopefully forever grow! Hope to see you in the beta.
  21. Love these updates, media is such a tease, good job man!
  22. Welcome to our currently small community xD.
  23. Welcome to the forums glad you joined and good luck with your last few terms :).
  24. Hi hello! I'm Ten. Found the link to the game through RZ (I'm Tenpai on it). I remember seeing it last year and got interested in the development of the game and here I am. I'm an animation major. Currently on my last few terms for my thesis before I graduate and get my BA. (yay!) Excited for the development of the game. Hoping to meet you all real soon! :--)
  25. Welcome to this weeks patch you can view full development log below! Changes Started to add cooking (still wip) Added test npc testing (customization on npc) Added new movement system (with running / anims) Added new login scene (not completed yet) Fixed bug with overhead chat, hitsplat, and click effect not facing camera Fixed movement script issue (not walking on terrain) Media
  26. I have created a discord server link below. Closing thread also added a plugin on side of site too join from there will display if anyone is online (max 5 people)
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