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  1. Welcome to the community!
  2. Welcome to this weeks patch you can view full development log below! Changes Added 2 new NPCs (Tortious, Fire Demon) Updated world (Added lava area for lava type npcs) Added PositionManager (Teleporting via spellbook / GameObject) Changed ground textures Changed world lighting Started hunting skill (Be given a task to find said creature and capture it, once captured return it to collector for reward/exp more info will be posted soon) Media
  3. There won't be classes the game will be a you are what you wear so if you have mage gear on you can then have better magic bonus same for range, melee etc, The plan is to allow players to change there characters look / gender you will have the choice when you first create your account but after that if you would like to change there will be a NPC in the home town that players can talk too to change looks.
  4. Maxed players I also agree this should be something that isn't over looked and i will for sure look into ways to make it meaningful. Thieving Really like the idea and i agree that skill was really underhanded and not the funnest thing to do adding more to it and more possible reward getting a really lucky pickpocket or being caught and jailed by guards something like that could make it more entertaining to do. Construction I am currently debating if i want to have a construction skill as i had the idea of allowing players to own buildings and shops in the live game world that every player could see, visit and use also allowing owners of these buildings to upgrade the interiors but to become an owner you would either need to buy it or rent it from the buyer currently though i am still thinking of how to work this little idea as i would only allow each player to max own 1 building and the owner of the building would be "taxed" in world money. Gods I already have a basic lore started i do intend to have gods actually you can already see one of the evil gods in the website logo he will be one of the main gods, i will go more in depth about the game lore and abilities and benefits of gods soon, basically though the idea is when you first get in game and do the tutorial quest, you will have to pick one of the gods. The god i was talking above \/
  5. Hey glad you posted welcome to the forums!
  6. Here is a public preview video people in discord already generally seen this video i will be posting a new video hopefully within the next week or two once i get combat animations completed, and fix a few player navigation errors.
  7. Welcome to this weeks patch you can view full development log below! Changes Started to add cooking (still wip) Added test npc testing (customization on npc) Added new movement system (with running / anims) Added new login scene (not completed yet) Fixed bug with overhead chat, hitsplat, and click effect not facing camera Fixed movement script issue (not walking on terrain) Media https://i.gyazo.com/695f9099d2126934733643cead936eb0.mp4
  8. Welcome to the forums glad you joined and good luck with your last few terms :).
  9. I have created a discord server link below. https://discord.gg/KKsS4Pq Closing thread also added a plugin on side of site too join from there will display if anyone is online (max 5 people)
  10. I will be looking into setting up a discord server soon thanks for suggestion.
  11. Welcome to the forums looking forward too seeing you in the beta!
  12. Hello Adventurers! Today's is a minor update listed below along with some newer media until the upcoming video is released! Development log Added overhead chat support (not complete) Added new movement system (not complete) Added additional UI icons (stats,hitsplat,misc) Added hitsplat UI test (seen in media below) Media