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  1. So bringing up a question for the future. There are countless rpg players that ask this question "Are classes gender locked". I personally don't care for gender locked classes, though a little conformation from the Devs would help clarify if classes will be locked based on a gender, so others who'll seek this question anytime in the future will know. Examples Mage - Locked to Female Warrior - Locked to Male If this is not the case, are classes gender locked in a way but have female / male equivalent? Of course there will be some differentials with the equivalent
  2. I've joined the discord... Thanks for the warm welcome
  3. Hey Anthion Forums! I'm Michael, your average gamer and front-end web-developer "in-training". I've been registered to the forums for a couple of months. Just now introducing myself I've seen most the videos regarding Arthion, It's a game I could see myself playing long term